It is wrong to think that with a dog you get distracted. I will show you, how my own dog helps me to stay in flow.

Missy: the best dog in this world!

Even working the whole time from home, I do not feel lonely. I am not busy with making plans to go out and save me from solitude. I do not need to reach over to my cell phone to check messengers to feel connected with a living soul. I do enjoy socializing when the time comes. I meet with people I like and not with anybody, who is by a coincidence not busy this evening.

If I come to my limit by doing something that is less exciting, but more money-making kind of job, I can avoid starting to procrastinate by patting my dog for just five minutes. It gives me a lot of energy. I can throw her ball across the living room a couple of times, and then get back to work. No need for excuses. She accepts.

I love staying in the working flow the whole day. Still, I recognize that it is healthy and necessary to do some breaks. I take my dog and go outside to let her run around and sniff. I use the time to let my eyes relax.

These breaks often bring me another perspective on a problem, I was working on. As soon as I’d walked a hundred meters, a new angle emerges in my mind. After the break, I can get to work with fresh ideas.

There is a place near my (home) office, which is quite popular among the dog owners. During these walks, I am glad to exchange a couple of words with another person, interested in pets. It feels good that the conversation remains at the small talk level, since I am not capable of a lot of socializing before I know that I finished my work for today.

I cannot say I am a real digital nomad, but I used to stay in a foreign country for a couple of months and work from there. It was very easy to get closer to the local culture by talking to dog owners I met during our walks. The dogs are very open and self-confident in showing their sympathy. Much more than the humans are. We have invented too many rules.

Your dog does not restrict you, it opens you new places. For instance, as a female solo traveler, I used to stay in the city center or even in my hotel as soon as it was getting dark outside. If I was caught by the coming twilight somewhere else, I preferred to think it twice to enter a park or a lonely street. But with a dog, I do not care so much.

During the time, when I had an office job, it did me some good to go outside with my dog after a particularly long meeting. She helped me to switch and to stop thinking back on some heated conversation in the conference room. I also discovered a lot of dog-friendly green places near my ex-office and got to know colleagues, I would never have met otherwise.

A dog brings some routine into your freelance life. You have to feed it and bring it outside, and you have to care about nutrition and health issues. You cannot anymore stay ten hours in front of your laptop without a break. But ten hours on one day always made me feel empty and powerless on the next day.

Routine and discipline are important for a freelance life.

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