As a technical writer, I enjoy my profession despite all rainy days and stormy nights.

Technical Writing Is Listening to a Music Concert

Even if I cannot sing quite well, I enjoy listening to others.

Even if I cannot code quite well, I enjoy watching what others have programmed.

I never knew before that I will learn about so many startups and mature companies and so many exciting products and business models. I catch myself again and again wondering what a simple and elegant idea someone had!

I love studying integral parts of software products and business models behind them. Some of them play are established orchestras, some of them play punk rock but they all fascinate me to the same extent.

Technical Writing Is Systematic

I have two personalities: one of them is a creative person, and the other one is analytical. As a technical writer, I can be both!

Technical writing not only requires to compile content in a systematic manner, it requires managing my day and various project in a clear way, without any details slipping my attention.

Technical content – and especially, technical documentations! – require a clear structure, a lot of planning, and coordination between various contributors and others involved in the writing process.

Technical blogs are created for those who think analytically. They are straightforward and precise.

Technical Writing Is Creative

As a technical writer, I can be creative, too! When a customer needs an allrounder, I can create everything from scratch: a content strategy, an SEO strategy, their entire website content, and finally, their technical documentation!

And since every business and every software product has unique qualities, I dive into a new world every time I am hired as a technical writer. It is not enough just to follow some established scheme – research, plan, implement – but I have to be flexible and change things on the fly if necessary as the customer’s product opens to me its facets.

Technical writing is a storm of ideas which must be sorted. That’s why creativity and analysis exist together, side by side, in this inspiring profession.

Technical Writing Is Social

Freelance writing has a bad reputation of imposing solitude. I have to disagree. Indeed, if you work from home, you are not surrounded by your colleagues, cannot spontaneously join a conversation, tell a joke, or simply greet people you know.

With a technical writing though, it is a bit different.

Except for a very few projects, I am constantly in touch with developers, marketers, and business founders. Most of the time, those are open-minded people ready to exchange a joke in the chat. By the way, did I mention that I am in the numerous Slack, Zulip, and Discord channels?

The reason is that, as a technical writer, you need to be deeply embedded into the product engineering. You need a lot of input and will have a lot of questions and suggestions.

Technical Writing Is International

A few years ago, I fell victim to the illusion that, by using social networks, by moving abroad, by traveling, I will meet a lot of people in different countries.

It only happened when I became a technical writer.

I video chatted with customers from the US, UK, Australia, UAE. I talked to developers, designers, and other writers from Columbia, Russia, South Asia, and Europe.

I had calls with people I would never have met. All united by a passion for software engineering and technical writing.

Technical Writing Means a Lot of (Self-)Learning

I can never stop learning: I did a Ph.D., learned how to code, improved my English by reading sci-fi books and listening to TheEconomist.

I never liked to be taught. I am much more efficient when I learn by myself.

As a technical writer, I need to pick up at least one new technology with every new project: be it a new documentation tool, new query or programming language, new software or SaaS, or a new environment. It’s like being a university student all your life, absorbing new ideas, preparing a master thesis again and again, catching up with the recent developments.

It’s like being a scientist in your personal lab.

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