A lot of small entrepreneurs use Salesforce. They share the same doubts. SMEs buy Salesforce licenses and start thinking if they may need a Salesforce admin. You should know the reasons for having a profi on your side.

Reasons to have a Salesforce Admin

Hiring a Salesforce admin will result in additional costs. But configuring the platform by yourself will cost you time. That has a price, too. Other things that involve spending money are:

· knowledge and skills

· risks of a misfortunate customization

· delays in your working routines

An experienced Salesforce administrator will leverage these factors for you. Without one, you may confront a few pitfalls.

The all-rounder needs customization

Although the platform positions itself as an out-of-the-box solution, its business logic may contradict this statement.

Salesforce tries to cover the needs of as many companies as possible. The resulting standard package became a common denominator for small and middle-sized entrepreneurs and even giant corporations. That leads to a lot of customization effort needed on your side.

Salesforce offers a lot of detailed documentation and training materials with case studies, known as Salesforce Trailheads. They even include multiple free organization instances. There you can practice your admin skills.

But the scope of the documentation is in itself a sign of complexity.

For instance, you would need to customize the Sales Cloud’s very basics: the Opportunity Stages. Salesforce offers only two default values: “Closed Won” and “Closed Lost.” You want your reps to be able to report on the lost reasons.

The approval process is another example. It also has a generic design. All in all, even an SME has enough administrative tasks to do.

You have to program some features

Even small and mid-sized businesses may be sending out a lot of offers. Indeed, you can automate the calculation process. Salesforce does offer a native feature for this: the price books. Sometimes, you need to calculate a discount based on a combination of products. You’ll have to program a calculator.

Salesforce developer is currently a lucrative job, says Glassdoor. Not each SME can afford it. But you can save money if you find an admin with basic APEX programming skills.

The customization of any basic features unavoidably involves changes in the default data model. The data model is nothing else than the relationships between single data entries in your customer relations management (CRM). You have to ensure sufficient data quality after making any adjustments in your organization. That’s another reason why you need a Salesforce admin.

Security matrix

You surely prefer not to expose sensitive data to everybody in your organization. For instance, you may need to prevent sales managers from knowing too much about each other’s performance. Besides, there are quite a few regulations about data privacy around there.

Salesforce allows controlling access to the data on a very granular level. You have to set up a detailed security matrix inside your org. Your business will change from time to time. You’ll have to adjust the matrix, respectively.

Salesforce has multiple security levels, explained in detail here. Keeping everything in mind means a lot of responsibility. Working out a security concept and its implementation takes a lot of time for an inexperienced person. Moreover, your business may end up vulnerable to data breaches.

Regardless of your business size, a Salesforce admin will contribute to its sustainability.

Before hiring a Salesforce admin

Find your Salesforce profi!

A Salesforce admin brings you advantages. Hopefully, you now feel convinced. Move forward to define his or her working conditions.

Full-time or outsourced?

Will a full-time employee have enough to fill eight hours of work? If no, you can skip this decision. In other cases, consider the following pros and contras of outsourcing.

External advisors tend to possess more expertise than internal employees. They have more than one customer and get more chances to learn. As a dark side, external consultants can lack the level of commitment that an internal expert has.

A higher level of expertise means speed. A consultant needs less time to complete a customization task. Besides, full-time employees get paid health care, paid vacations, bonuses, etc. This does not include a bill from your recruiting partner.

Many entrepreneurs keep believing in old stereotypes. For example, a full-time employee is per se more reliable. He or she has a shorter turnaround time. Of course, it all highly depends on a person. Your company’s policies and working atmosphere play a role, too.

An outsourced consultant may be quicker and more committed. They care a lot about their business reputation.

Still, a colleague-next-door may be easier to find a common language with.

How much should you pay?

The more experienced the person is, the higher is her payment bill. Indeed, you already pay a lot for the Salesforce license. A good admin can manage your org effectively. It eventually saves you more money.

For instance, many people prematurely buy Salesforce Service Cloud. They think that they have exhausted the potential of the Sales Cloud. But it actually comes with a baseline case management system. A professional admin will make sense out of what you already have. It’s more efficient than buying many new features.

You do not have to overpay for the admin, either. There is a reliable way to estimate your needs. And then you’re prepared to assess the candidates.

Salesforce offers professional certifications. The basic certificate ensures that a candidate has sufficient knowledge.

Certifications correspond with different career levels.

The overview can help you to make your mind. You can easily decide what kind of admin you need.

Online salary calculators may assist you as well. You can check the average payment bill. Its variations depend on the years of experience, industry, and location.

A short afterward

The decision to hire or not to hire a Salesforce admin falls easier as it seems. Your company needs a sustainable, secure, and flexible CRM. A good admin will keep it performative, adaptive, and up-to-date. Yes, this job has value. You pay for an admin to make your business move faster.

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