This customer offers software for repairing damaged video files. My task was to write two tutorials: one about the rival software and one about the one the customer sells.
It required an installation of both tools since I was asked to deliver screenshots. It was a kind of rather dry documentation that guided the end-user straightforward to the result.
I showed steps to repair a video file with VLC player. In reality, none of them worked with the file I had. But the customer’s tool did a great job!
I oddly enjoyed this assignment because it required a lot of concentration. The customer also provided very tough formatting guidelines and asked me to send him proof of the text originality. It was the first time I worked with the plagiarism detection tools: Grammarly Premium and Copywritely. The customer also wanted two types of evidence that my result has a good readability score: one from Grammarly and one from Microsoft Word, the so-called Flesch score.
Although I was able to deliver everything, this assignment was a bit too focused on checking my work quality. But it was interesting to learn new SEO tools like Copywritely and dive into the whole readability topic.

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