A famous blogger asked me to ghostwrite a summary of the recent trends in machine learning. The summary was based on a Reddit thread. 

For this summary, I researched the technologies mentioned in the thread since most of them were very specific and known to a very narrow audience. According to the briefing, my task was to explain these concepts having in mind a person with quite a general knowledge of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

I enjoyed writing this piece since it pointed me to the new trends I had not known yet. I had to research and put in simple words such advanced subfields, as:

  • neuro-linguistic programming
  • autoregressive language models
  • generative pre-trained transformer
  • deep learning
  • graph neural networks
  • modeling of complex graph structures
  • node classification in a graph
  • AutoML / meta-learning
  • neural ordinary differential equations
  • neuromorphic engineering
  • Internet of Things
  • computer vision
  • tinyML
  • reinforcement learning

This assignment has enriched my knowledge, and I am always eager to find such challenging projects.

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