In my Medium blog, I write about writing, data science, programming, my dog, and other experiences from my everyday life.

But storytelling is not only for personal blogs. Look at Salesforce: even their free online courses — the so-called Trailheads — are all based on storytelling! 

In each learning unit, Salesforce presents a situation with a few characters, one of them is you, indeed, and asks you to solve a puzzle. This is very appealing and engaging. 

By using a lot of storytelling, Salesforce shows its customers that it does care about them and understand their needs. This is a brilliant example that has inspired me for telling my personal stories in my Medium profile. 

By means of a storytelling strategy, Salesforce creates a feeling of an exclusive community, of a complete ecosystem, where you as a customer gets embedded. 

Storytelling makes Salesforce different, and that is how it has managed to distance itself from the rival CRM platforms. You can do the same and create for your product a unique reputation.

Let me help you to build your brand through storytelling.