I offer full-stack search engine optimization with a focus on search engine marketing and content creation.

My SEO Services by Scope

We can agree on a one-time SEO audit and then, if necessary, on long-term cooperation.

SEO Audit

An SEO audit is a service package that includes:

  • a quick technical SEO check;
  • a rough estimation of your ranking position in Google search results;
  • your SEO potential: a few basic tips to start with.

SEO audit helps to spot issues that are particularly harmful to your ranking.

The basic price of this package is €2.000 ($2.300)

Continuous SEO Support

You will be adding new content to your website, Google will be adding new rules to its ranking algorithms. Everything is changing very fast!

Continuous SEO means that I reserve a certain amount of hours per month or week exclusively for your company. Your commitment is necessary, too. We agree on my availability and the type of services you need (see the next section).

My hourly rate is €75 ($89). A necessary monthly effort depends on your business size, maturity of your existing campaigns, and variety of your products.

My SEO Services by Type

These services can be booked together or separately. Indeed, you can profit more from 360-degree optimization but it is also OK to fix urgent things first.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO has to do with how your website works. A basic checklist includes:

  • Load speed;
  • Broken links;
  • Intuitive navigation;
  • and so on.

Why do you need an SEO specialist for this part? Isn’t it a job for your web designer? Or isn’t it easier just to download the checklist from the Internet and go through it?

First of all, you need time. The lack of time is on its own an important reason for outsourcing.

Second, you need a skill. A checklist is nice but how can you be sure you understand everything from the dry bullet points?

Technical issues can block your website from ranking completely. Besides, they can spoil your user experience. And once you see high bounce rates in your web analytics tool, be sure that search engines know this, too. And they do not like to send users to badly working websites, believe me …

Keyword Research (& Content Strategy)

In my view, keyword research and content strategy are inseparable. Indeed, you can book only one of these services.

Keyword research does not simply mean finding keywords that have high search volumes.

  • You need keywords that are searched exactly by your type of customer.
  • You need keywords that were not spotted by your competitors yet.
  • You need keywords that catch customers on all phases of their evolving buying decision.

Moreover, you need a systematic approach to finding your keywords and monitoring them.

Read more about why keyword research is a part of the content strategy.

SEO Content Writing

For this part, you can also find a good checklist online.

Remember, Da Vinci created a cheatsheet for visual artists. But, how many people can actually paint a portrait?

SEO content writing does not only mean following a few rules. It means that creating content that people still want to read because it is so lively, engaging, and well-structured.

And, keep in mind, a passion for formatting – which is a key for SEO! – is a rare thing.

The most critical SEO content:

  • website copy;
  • landing pages;
  • blog posts;
  • case studies.

Read more about my content creation services.

SEO for Tech Companies

I specialize in content strategy and creation for SaaS, software, or cloud providers, digital transformation consultancies, and IT staffing agencies. I am glad to work with startups and SMEs helping them to promote their products or services.

As a former full-time employee of a few innovative German tech companies, I am ready to share my expertise and find the best strategy for your use case. Proficiency in IT language is my strongest point and the reason for you to book my services.

I am able to gain a very deep understanding of any IT-related product and translate it into whatever language your target audience speaks. I make your product speak up and be heard.

SEO for German Companies Going Global

I am based in Dresden, Germany, and eager to help local tech companies to gain international prominence and acquire new markets.
Geographical closeness is a great deal. If you can talk to your service provider personally, in your own meeting room, this creates a special feeling of trust. For me as a freelancer, it is also a pleasure to meet my clients in person, get to know their teams, and learn the company’s spirit.
It helps me to draft a better SEO strategy.

Do not hesitate to ask me to travel to your location. I love moving around.

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