Life Hacks for SaaS and Software Marketing

SaaS marketing became a huge topic as SaaS products ceased to be something exotic.

I won’t repeat steps for a SaaS marketing strategy. There are a few brilliant blog posts about it that I attach as reference links at the end of the article.

I would like to share some tricks that I learned from my own writing projects.

Blogging Platforms

SaaS and software marketing inevitably starts with a gorgeous website.

But when you launch your website for the first time, it takes very long to climb up the Google search results. You can take a shortcut: use a blogging platform that already has a high authority indicator.

I am not talking about WordPress but about blogging platforms that undertake content distribution for you. For instance, Medium, where I am both a blogger and a writer, and where I have seen a lot of brands and companies hosting a blog.

Platforms to Consider

Why Medium?

Medium is a platform that charges readers with a small monthly subscription and pays authors for the amount of readers that found their content interesting.

I think that Medium is the best option for software and SaaS marketing and branding. It even explicitly tried to attract branded blogs. Medium won’t look down on you if you try to promote your SaaS or software solution.

Medium hosts a heterogeneous developer community. Some of them are freelancers, some work for big companies. There is always a chance that they read your content, look closer at your brand, and talk to their chefs or customers about purchasing your product.

Meanwhile, Medium is a commonplace for branded blogs.

Medium’s Publications

It has publications: online magazines. Technically, your blog is going to be a publication, too.

Some publications have an impressive outreach. I regularly published in Towards Data Science, but I rocketed the scene with an article accepted in Better Programming. Within a few days, it was viewed almost 15.000 times, although before I had less than 100 subscribers.

Medium’s Curators

This platform has a curation program. If your article has a value, and Medium has enough people subscribed to a similar hashtag, your content gets recommended (distributed) to those subscribers. It will appear on the Medium’s home page when they open the website and will be mentioned in the daily newsletter.

Things to Remember

  • You’ll have to fight for the place on a distribution list: be ready to publish only the highest quality content.
  • Do not simply publish your product updates; instead, run a blog dedicated to a certain problem or trend.
  • Balance between losing the direct traffic to your website and reaching out to more customers on the platform. Watch your key metrics regularly. And draw a clear separation line between the topics to avoid keyword cannibalism.

It takes time to get readers but you do not have to care about technical SEO, website design, and programming. Indeed, you have less options for customization.

Why Steemit?

Steemit is a very niche, crypto-based, blogging community. Readers honor article they liked with bitcoins. Consequently, a lot of bloggers on the platform write about bitcoins, crypto-trends, and related software.

If this is your niche, give it a try.

Ask-and-Answer Platforms

I know this is close to the old bad (and sometimes ugly) link building technique but I want to mention two platforms where you can survive only with quite an ambitious content.

Platform to Consider

Why Quora?

I am afraid Quora Answers, started as a free advice community, became almost a link silo. But it still ranks, and the answers written by brands are not without a few interesting takeaways.

Why Reddit?

Reddit threads are great because they are anonymous. People trust them since here you can insult everyone who sounds too marketingly. I do not mean hate speech but a very, very harsh critic.

On the other side, it enjoys a stable and constantly growing audience including various developer and other IT-specialists groups.

Tech Communities

Recently, I stumbled over, a new blogging platform exclusively for developers and programmers. As Medium’s popular publications, it is full with how-to articles for various top-notch IT technologies, such as clouds and edge computing.

Communities Needs You Full-Time

Keep in mind that all mentioned platforms have features for readers to engage with your content. It means that you will need to respond to their responses: quickly and with a reasonable answer.

It means that your marketing effort does not end with publishing an article written by an author on some content mill that you will never learn by name.

You need a technical writer who will work with you long-term, publish high-quality content, and interact with your users creating your brand voice.

SaaS marketing can talk directly to the end users. Even if they are not always the ones who pays, reaching to them is more effective than writing business-oriented blogs for CEOs.

Because good CEOs always consult with their developers.

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