When a potential customer learns to know your brand, he visits your website. Your online presence should not only provide dry facts about your service or product but rather give the customer an idea of a broader context.

By writing about recent tendencies in your industry, you can make a better impression on your customer. You show him, why he may need your service and why you must be his favorite provider. 

Another advantage in blogging about your industry is convincing the customer that you — and only you! — have so much expertise that you are even ready to share it for free. The customer would think that your blog is only the tip of the iceberg of the whole rich knowledge that you and your experts possess.

Last but not least: SEO. Having a lot of hot keywords on your website brings you on top of the search engine results.

My job here is to understand your product, its application, the industry you are active in, and find the most demanded topics to write about. 

For instance, I have ghostwritten for an online tutor, who offers advanced courses on data science and machine learnings. Or even for an artificial intelligence blogger. I compiled a description of the hottest recent trends and why they are so popular now. 

Complete list of topics I’ve written summaries on:

  • data science
  • machine learning
  • artificial intelligence
  • IT-monitoring
  • IT migrations

I permanently keep an eye on the best data science blogs and publications to stay informed about important tendencies in data science.