As a software company, you may want to show your potential customers the brightest sides of your product. The simplest and the most illustrative way to do it is to compare it with an alternative. 

I have (ghost)written numerous comparisons of:

  • data science tools 
  • programming languages
  • e-mail services
  • backup solutions and workarounds

A typical article would be a detailed comparison of two or more software applications that are natively close competitors.

I produce well-structured articles, paying attention to the coherence of the content. My articles unfold around a few main points, helping the reader to grasp the main major differences (if any), advantages, and disadvantages of the software applications. Each article has a giveaway: a decision which software to use becomes easier.

For this kind of content, I test the involved software in most cases, or conduct an extensive research and check multiple reliable sources to draw a comparison. Since I am a data scientist and programmer myself, I can simply tell good tech blogs and magazines from the keyword-stuffers.