The how-tos are the basic content you start with as a technology company. You need to provide your customers with comprehensive instructions to ensure that they feel comfortable using your products and services. 

An online how-to shows your potential customers that you do care about them. It also helps your future customers to make a buying decision. If they know, what they spend their money on, they feel more confident about their decision.

This kind of content includes:

  • User manuals
  • Installation guides
  • General how-to articles

A few examples of user guides that I have ghostwritten:

  • Migrating e-mails from Microsoft Exchange to G Suite
  • Backup Salesforce data
  • Analyzing connectivity data in Microsoft Azure Time Series Insights 

A how-to that can be quickly accessed online saves your time since the customers won’t call the support each time they have a question. They can follow the guide and do some initial troubleshooting. 

My job includes testing your software or software that is necessary to run your hardware. I go through all steps that your user also needs to go through and produce a manual guide with screenshots.  

Depending on your target audience, I can additionally explain the main technical concepts, like cloud technologies, e-mail hosting, etc.