A dry cough is a terrible nightmare. You feel that something itchy has been stuck inside your respiratory tract. My advice is based upon my own experience. I used to get dry cough regularly during my commuter time when I had to sweat in an overcrowded commuter train and then got off into the cold winter weather and to walk to my office fighting with the wind.
The first step to healing is to turn your dry cough into a wet cough. Wet cough is still an annoying thing but it is always a sign that the sickness starts leaving your body together with the fluid from the bronchial tube.

Method 1. Drink hot milk

Hot water or tea helps, too, but it does not have the same effect. Hot water goes down through your throat too quickly to have any significant effect. On the opposite, milk has some fat (it actually consists of fat dispersed in the water), and it warms your respiratory tract.
Each time I drink hot milk I start coughing immediately and my throat produces a lot of liquid.
The more fat the milk has the better! If you want to get rid of dry cough, forget your diet for a while. I will be giving a few more bits of advice requiring some consumption of animal fat.
Your body is weakened and deserves a few additional calories!

Method 2. A hot bath with eucalyptus extract

If you suffer from lactose intolerance, or if you just want to fight your enemy on all fronts, take a hot bath. Keep the water temperature above your body’s temperature but do not make it too hot. You won’t stand very hot water for enough long time, and you may be getting cold after you get off the bath tab and into the cool air of your apartment.
Enjoy it for at least 20 minutes and do not forget to slip into the bed and under a warm blanket after you’ve finished.

Method 3. Eat a lot of garlic

Garlic is a good match for almost every meal that is not a desert. I love garlic! If you cannot think about any food you want to put it into, take a pan, warm some olive oil, fry some garlic for a couple of minutes, and then fry a few pieces of bread in the oil. Eat them with some hot milk.

Method 4. Eat some soup

A hot soup or stew will help to turn the dry cough into the wet one and get rid of both.
If you are not a great cook or do not have enough time, use the following scheme.
Buy some vegetables, such as Brussel sprouts, pumpkin, or sweet potato, and some usual potato, then some bacon, cream, and some herbs.
Cut bacon into small pieces, fry it in a pot with some garlic. Put it out. Re-use the pot for the next step.
Boil enough water, cook the vegetables, then make them to a paste with a mixer, cook it a few more minutes together with the cream. Serve it with the bacon and some herbs on top.

Method 5. Eat some spicy food

Do not use this method if you’ve got a sore throat!
In any other case, eat something really spicy. It will warm up your respiratory tract and initiate the phlegm separation.
Order some Indian food, or cook a spicy meal by yourself. Take one teaspoon of cayenne pepper or anything similarly strong per 1 liter of volume. Alternatively, use an Indian spice paste, for instance, mango chutney or masala paste. Two teaspoons for the same amount of food would work just fine.
To get through the meal — it’s going to be very hot, I warn you! — prepare some slightly warm milk, take a piece of bread, and eat slowly, sipping a bit of milk each time it becomes unbearable. Use bread to calm down the fire in your throat.
When ordering Indian food, check for the yogurt sauce with mint. It comes with some meals to counteract the effects of the spicy sauces. You can take a mango lassi instead.
If your stomach feels particularly heavy after such a meal, use a bit of lemon juice with the warm water. One teaspoon per glass of water will facilitate your stomach to produce more own juice and digest the food quicker.

Bonus: drink hot wine

Get some red wine, put a pinch of cinnamon inside it with some honey, warm it up and enjoy!

It’s Christmas time!

A short afterward

Eat and drink alcohol after bathing, not the other way around.
Stay healthy!

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