I travel quite often and always take my dog with me. A customer, who had already worked with me, was open to new ideas, and I suggested a blog post about being a digital nomad and a dog owner.
The article started with the advantages of dog travel. I shared my experience of getting closer to local people that also had a pet. Digital nomads sometimes suffer from solitude, so that seemed to be an essential takeaway.
I then explained which preparations must be undertaken, starting from raising your dog and training it to feel comfortable in new environments. I touched on the question of selecting the destination and how the needs of your dogs must be taken into consideration. First of all, some regions’ climates are not particularly friendly for furry friends, like tropical countries. I listed a few dog breeds that feel well in hot countries, but my main conclusion was that such countries should be avoided.
The article provided some advice on transporting, but the biggest part of it was dedicated to health issues and regulations. I prepared a few lists helping dog owners to make their pets eligible to cross borders.
As an important bonus, I spent a couple of hours researching pet-friendly co-working spaces all over the world.

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