I offer content strategy services for IT companies and tech consultancies.

SaaS and cloud providers are welcomed. Startups and SMEs are welcomed. German and international companies are welcomed.

What Is a Content Strategy?

You created a great product: a software application, SaaS platform, cloud hosting, or any other.

You only know that you need a website. And someone told you you need to blog every week. And maybe post something on social media.

Step 1: Brand Voice

In fact, you need to define your brand voice first.

  • What or who inspires you?
  • Why did you decide to create your product?
  • For whom?
  • What is different about you?

I will help you to look from a different perspective on your product and answer these questions. Together, we will find precise definitions.

  • Sometimes, you may need a re-branding to acquire new customers.
  • Sometimes, you may need to switch your focus to a different target group.
  • Sometimes, you just need a different wording to find a common language with your customers.

You already know the answers? Let’s directly move to step 2!

Step 2: Content Strategy

Now, it’s time to define your content strategy. I always recommend to invest time at least in one of the following types of content:

  • website copy including home page, about you page, company page, technology stack, product/services, etc.
  • landing pages: pages not visible in the navigation, dedicated to a very narrow topic, enriched with high-ranking keywords, and generating traffic to your website;
  • blog posts: your trusted advisor diary elaborating on the most searchable topics and attracting traffic to your website.

Indeed, the strategy is different for different companies.

  • Sometimes, you need a breathtaking home page
  • Sometimes, you need to update your blog often.
  • Sometimes, marketplaces are the best channels for your service.

At this stage, we decide where to put the most effort and how to present your product on different channels, what to highlight, and for which audience.

Step 3: SEO Research & Content Plan

Indeed, the ultimate goal is to create your content road map.

A content plan includes certain titles to publish and when they will go online. Titles definition is preceded by keyword research that helps to spot keywords and phrases that have better potential to generate organic traffic.

In other words, keyword research helps to redirect more customers that use Google to search for a specific problem or service.

Read more about my search optimization services.

Once we know which keywords have big search volumes, it is possible to match them with the most important topics to cover. That’s how I create content titles and briefings for the next step – content creation – that I offer as a separate service.

Why Technical Companies Need a Specialized Content Strategist?

Tech-Savvy Language

You do not need general words in your content. Your customers need to see that you a speak professional language. You need more than just a collection of some buzzwords.

Adequate Meaning

Working with IT brands requires a lot of background knowledge. It is not enough for a content strategist just to read a few recent blogs to understand complex topics.

The Right Empathy

Understanding developers’ (CTOs’, CEOs’, etc.) pain requires experience of working in developer teams, on serious projects, in different types of companies.

Why Me?

I worked in a full-time position as a junior Salesforce business intelligence developer. Before, I was a data analyst and communication science scholar.

I obtained this outstanding experience working for companies in Europe’s biggest economy. I absorbed the best possible knowledge, working culture, commitment, and a customer-oriented mindset. I am happy to offer my services as a freelancer and help your company grow its market share and attract new customers by using a better content strategy.

Content Strategist for German Companies

I have been living for almost ten years in Germany. I am happy to assist local companies in their breakthrough into global markets.
My advantage is that I am close to you and open to proving a personal onsite consultation or continuous service. Personal contact and personal presence in your company – indeed, if desired – facilitate mutual understanding of campaigning objectives, your business model, and how I can help you in acquiring new markets.

Feel free to ask for a free consultation in your office. I am based in Dresden and love traveling around.

My Rates

My hourly rate is €50 ($60).

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