I create content for IT companies and tech consultancies.

SaaS and cloud providers are welcomed. Startups and SMEs are welcomed. German and international companies are welcomed.

What Is Included?

As a result of a content strategy definition provided by me or your own strategist, you would have a content plan. That one needs to be implemented!

I offer full-stack content creation services. I can work with your brief or do my own research to create the copy.

Marketing Slogans

I create catchy phrases that reach directly into the heart of your customer.

Just a few words that will get imprinted into their minds to remind them about your brand. Ever.

Website Copy

Needless to say, you need a website that clearly explains your product or service to its visitors.

Examples of website copy are:

  • home page;
  • product/service section;
  • technology stack;
  • career/ we are hiring section;
  • about us (your mission statement);
  • company page with some history and values;
  • our team;
  • etc.

Defining topics for webcopy requires a lot of competitor and keyword research, especially for the product/service description pages.

Besides, webcopy is different from blog posts since it involves some visual design effort. I do not simply write content, I prepare content that your web designer will use to build your website.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are pages that are not accessible from the main navigation and may be replaced when they are not needed anymore. Their content provides a new perspective on your product or service.

They do not answer the question “Why use this product?” They are more than that. They catch users that do not yet know about your brand. They only have a specific need and use a search engine to find the answer.

Landing pages also require a lot of keyword research. But, more importantly, they need a next-level understanding of your product or service.

Blog Posts

Blogs are your chances to stand out. It is impossible to rank in Google search results only with your website copy. Even if you have a lot of products, services, or technologies in your stack, one day, the limit for new content is exhausted.

But you need to keep adding new content. Moreover, to rank in search results, you need to cover topics that are related to your product or service.

Three types of blog posts can help you with this:

  • Your own case studies (may be a separate type of content, though);
  • Technology news;
  • How-To guides or best practices for your technology or industry in general;
  • Other content addressing the needs of your customers.

Blogs used to be digital journals for lonely soles. Nowadays, companies keep diaries, too. Blogs are the greatest teasers for your customers. You show that you have a certain expertise that they are looking for. But you are not giving it away for their special use case. For this, they need to call you!

Blog posts are my favorite type of content. If required, I am willing to conduct interviews with your company staff to create unique content that no other company has.

Case Studies

You helped a customer to achieve great results? Tell the others about it!

Case studies are stories of your customers. They are similar to a report but written in a more lively manner. Case studies are especially good for consultancies that want to explain how they approach a customer’s problem and what they can change on the customer’s side.

Why Technical Companies Need a Specialized Content Creator?

Technical Language

You need content that fairly includes professional terminology. No buzzwords, no false synonyms, no generalized statements. It must be technical but not boring.

Indeed, not all of your content is for developers. Your end users need content that they can understand without a technopedia. Your B2B partners without a nerdy background must catch the benefits of your technology for them.

Language is serious power.

Walking in Their Shoes

I often write with developers, CIO/CTOs, or CEOs as readers in mind.

They are all very different. But it is not only about the wording. It is about why you say certain things, when you highlight a business value and when you use highly technical terms and go deep into the technology or a surrounding workflow.

Content Writing for German Tech Companies

As a German citizen, I would like to contribute to the further development of the local economy. I am eager to greet German tech startups as my customers and willing to travel to get to know your business better.
Feel free asking me to visit you in your office. I love meeting new people and seeing new places.
Personal contact is great for long-term relationships between business partners and helps me to take a deep dive into your company’s life, values, and vision. That inspires me for writing great content!

My Rates

My hourly rate is €50 ($60).

Hire Me as Your Content Creator

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