I love clouds!

Clouds are not only beautiful natural phenomenons. They are the main drives of the modern computer industry.

Cloudy weather on the Elbe

Your company is working with clouds? I can help you with cloud- and IT-related content that convinces both nerds and business decision-makers.

Cloudy topics that I write about:

  • cloud computing
  • cloud hosting
  • cloud migration
  • cloud backup
  • cloud architecture
    • hybrid clouds
    • microservices
  • AWS
  • Azure

… -as-a-Service I write about:

  • software
  • backend
  • infrastructure

Data analytics and data science: my former job and another favourite writing topic

  • best practices
  • tools and programming languages:
    • Python
    • SQL
    • Tableau
    • PowerBI
  • data visualization
  • analytics for e-commerce
  • databases
  • distributed query engines

Other tech topics that did not fit into the previous ones

  • Salesforce
  • web hosting
  • digital transformation
  • workflow automation
  • e-commerce
  • Internet of Things
  • general PC/macOS troubleshooting
  • user manuals

Applied machine learning

  • chatbots
  • transcription software

Digital nomadism

  • regulations
  • life hacks
  • co-working
  • remote work

Your product or service is definitely the best one. People just have to learn about it! For this, you need a technical writer to populate your website, draft documentation, create a sales deck, and many more.

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